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Versatile · Chemical Resistant · Slip Resistant · UV Stable · Abrasion Resistant

For a truly impressive and long-lasting presentation, go with the proven solution. Dur-A-Flex™ produces multi-color and solid-color quartz epoxy, acrylic and urethane flooring systems that are seamless, durable and easy-to-maintain. Our complete line of top industry performers will make your environment more attractive and more chemical resistant. For more sanitation, all resurfacers are available with added Bio-Pruf® Antimicrobial Treatment. Broadcast or trowel applied, Dur-A-Flex™ flooring systems install and cure rapidly for a short "down-time" period.

The Source for Quartz
We take pride in the fact that many companies turn to us to source the raw materials for their products. We've gained a reputation for quality and consistency in the production of premium colored quartz. As a single-source supplier to flooring contractors as well as other manufacturers of quality seamless flooring products, we maintain



Shop FloorTM

An affordable industrial resurfacer. Hides imperfections and stands up to abuse.

Q-28 Quartz AggregateTM
Q-28 Quartz Aggregate is a colored, naturally rounded, translucent quartz aggregate produced specifically for seamless polymer flooring applications.The special coloring process provides superior resistance to solvents, acids and chemicals.

Q-11 Quartz AggregateTM
Q-11 Quartz Aggregate is a colored aggregate produced specifically for seamless polymer flooring applications where a high degree of slip resistance is required.

Dur-A-Glaze KFTM
Dur-A-Glaze KF is a clear, two component, very high solids epoxy that incorporates Bio-Pruf antimicrobial additive. Dur-A-Glaze KF can be used clear as the matrix and topcoat resin in Dur-A-Quartz, Dur-A-Crete and Dur-A-Chip.

Dur-A-Tex #32TM
Dur-A-Tex #32 is a one component acrylic polymer additive. It is combined with Portland cement and sand, eliminating the need for water. It is excellent for pitching to drains or can be left "as is" for floors when a cementitious appearance is acceptable.


Cryl-A-Cove is a 100% solids, fast curing, high strength, methyl methacrylate (MMA) based, acrylic reactive resin. It is a highly thixotropic resin designed to form a monolithic bond with other Cryl-A-Flex systems and to be UV resistant.


Poly-Crete WRTM
Poly-Crete WR is an aggregate filled, trowel applied cove system based upon a liquid polyurethane resin. It is designed for use with Poly-Crete HF, Poly-Crete MD and Poly-Crete MDB floor systems.