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Industrial Paints

Coastal Coatings distributes a wide variety of coatings for industrial uses, including construction equipment, heavy-duty trucks.

Coastal Coatings specializes in long-lasting coating solutions with superior life-cycle cost. Providing Coating Solutions that work for over 14 years for a broad array of industrial, commercial and institutional facilities and equipment, the family of industrial products include a variety of polyester polyurethanes, expoxy coatings and 100% epoxy solvent free floor coatings.


Polyur Industrial Coatings

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Coastal Coatings Carries Xymax Coatings

Ambient temperature cure high performance protective industrial coatings for all weather application conditions. Xymax Coatings specializes in one component, moisture cure polyurethane coatings. Xymax Coatings help to solve the many painting and planning process problems encountered by facility owners, Department of Transportation, painters, specification writers and materials engineers.

Xymax Coatings can offer solutions to many problems caused by poor weather conditions, seasonal changes in temperatures, rain, dew points, fog, high humidity, shutdowns, job completion dates or if painted objects are too large for baking ovens.

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PolyFlex Containment Solutions

The 100% solid polyurea coating technology is here to replace the conventional coatings dominating the industry today. It is easier and faster to apply, more economical and offers greater longevity. Recent technological developments have allowed polyurethane manufacturers to produce 100% solid, instant setting, components, highly cross-linked additive free, polyurea coating suitable for potable water, chemical tanks, vessels, bridges or any kind of structure where adverse weather conditions prevail.

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