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PolyFlex Containment Solutions

The solution to your corrosion or waterproofing problems







The 100% solid polyurea coating technology is here to replace the conventional coatings dominating the industry today. It is easier and faster to apply, more economical and offers greater longevity. Recent technological developments have allowed polyurethane manufacturers to produce 100% solid, instant setting, components, highly cross-linked additive free, polyurea coating suitable for potable water, chemical tanks, vessels, bridges or any kind of structure where adverse weather conditions prevail.

Waterproof your containment with the PolyFlex system.
When we apply PolyFlex in containment, we build a monolithic membrane, with
no joint on all surfaces and around penetrations. With that system, you reduce
your chances of leaks to a strict minimum



Corrosion and abrasion protection with the PolyFlex system.
It is by "ENCAPSULATION" that the PolyFlex system protects your equipment against corrosion and abrasion. The absence of oxygen between PolyFlex and substrate stop the expansion of corrosion. With more than 800% elongation, the monolithic membrane of PolyFlex supports a wide range of temperatures without blistering (i.e. freezing and thawing)


  • Liners for concrete tanks, ponds, lagoons, reservoirs, dikes, renches, tunnels, banks,etc.

  • Replace or repiar failed existing liners.

  • Steel tanks (exterior or underground), silos and pipes.

  • Protective elastomer for sprayed in place erehane foam.

  • Protective membrane for roofing.

  • Containment for PCB, asbestos, lead paint and other toxic materials.

  • Protective coaing for decorating products such as props, waterfalls, signs, statues, highway marking,etc.

  • Corrosion protection of floors and walls subject to corrosive spill.

  • Anti-abrasive membrane for mining equipment, crushers, dump truck and pick-up truck bed liners.

  • Protection for refrigerated salt water tanks (fishing boats).


  • Due to absence of solvent, polyurea is not flammable.

  • The instant setting allows to restart the equipment right after the application (minimum shutdown delays)

  • Electrical insulator that eliminates ignition sparks that could cause an explosion in flammable environment. (also for the explosives carriers).

  • PolyFlex is very versitile, it prevents corrosion, abrasion and waterproof problems.

  • PolyFlex comes in a wide range of hardness (from shore A70 to shore D75), therefore it can be adapted to most customer needs and can face up the utilisation constraints.

  • Can support service temperature up to 350 degrees farenheit.

  • The total application cost of the polyurea is 20% lower than conventional coatings. This saving is due to the short application time, and polyurea will last 30% longer than conventional coatings.

  • Polyurea has a greater resistance to de-icing salt, UV rays, and other chemical products.

  • Available in a wide range of colors.

  • Desired thickness in only one application.

  • Generating its own heat, it can be applied at almost any temperature (down to minus 40 degrees farenheit). No toxic vapour, VOC'S and 100% solids.