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Xymax Coatings

Heavy Duty Maintenance and New Construction

        • Gates - Locks - Penstocks

        • Water and Waste Facilities

        • Sheet Pilings - Buoys - Barges

        • Refineries and Storage Tanks

        • Bridges

        • Chemical Plants

        • Power Plants

        • Pulp and Paper Mills and Machines

        • "Overcoat" systems for old lead-based alkyds

        • Rust tolerant primers for hand and power tool cleaned surfaces

        • MonoZinc ME III zinc rich primer approved for Class "B" slip co-efficient and creep resistance rating

        • Miox based intermediate and topcoats

        • Gloss and color stable topcoats

        • Coal tar products for seawater immersion

        • High corrosion resistant coating systems






Architectural and Light Industrial Maintenance

        • Concrete Surfaces and Floors

        • Structural Steel and Tanks

        • Facades and Metal Sidings

        • Theme Parks and Sports Stadiums

        • Machinery

        • Anti-graffiti





        • Concrete floor finishes -- skydrol and hot tire resistance
        • Quick recoat rust preventitive coatings
        • Can apply 2 or three coats in one day
        • High color and gloss rention topcoats
        • Water borne polyurethane for wood flooring
        • Running Tracks and Playground surfaces-- Canada polyval division
        • House Paint and Stains -- Canada Solignum Division
        • Clear coats for easy removal of graffiti
        • High build floor systems 100% solids

Product Finishing- General Industrial OEM
        • Fabricated Metal Products

        • Machinery -- Compressors

        • Trailer Frames

        • Presses-- Compactors--Transformers

        • Parts too large for paint baking ovens

        • Wood Furniture


        • Fast dry ambient temperature Primers and Top Coats

        • Zinc or barrier protection Primers for corrosion resistance

        • Scratch-abrasion resistant Topcoats

        • Early paint hardness allows quicker handling and reduces rework costs resulting from scratching or paint damage

        • Allows painting objects that are too large and cannot be placed into baking ovens

        • Overcomes paint drying problems associated with high humidities, damp or cold temperatures

        • Low temperature cure products for cold substrates